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Disability Access Strategy

Ibuntu Opticians, Ground Floor, 66 Lemon Street, Truro, TR1 1LA          

Ibuntu Opticians(A1/D1) occupies the ground Floor of 66 Lemon Street which has previously operated as offices (B1). The premises is situated on the north west side of Lemon Street on a slight slope. Lemon street is mainly commercial in occupancy with varied business interests ranging from beauticians, estate agents, banks, opticians, architects and restaurants. The building lies in the conservation area of Truro and the building is Grade 2 listed, as such, we are restricted in making changes that would help make it fully accessible. However we are a small independent start-up company that intends on providing a high level of customer service.

The property is on the same side, and a few doors up from the Plaza Cinema and below the restaurant Bustophers Jones. There is limited (1 hour) off street parking on Lemon Street and for long stay paid parking, Moorfield’s car park, is situated behind the property. The bus station is in the Lemon Quay Piazza which is within easy walking distance(200m), and the local Truro train station is at a slightly further walking distance (500m)or can be reached by taxi.


The premises has frontage onto Lemon street with stepped (3 steps), access into the building. Informal consultation with Cornwall council planners have revealed that it will not be possible to place a ramp over these steps for wheelchair access, as this gradient is too steep, and will affect the public highway access codes.


Once inside the premises, the areas that are open to the public are on one level.

All public access doors within iBuntu Opticians, are wide access doors (80cm or more), except for the door adjoining the retail area with the waiting area/consulting room, which has a width of 70cm. However, access directly into the consulting room is available through a private door (wide access) from the main entrance hall.

The reception, waiting and clinic all have sturdy plastic chairs for seating.

Ibuntu Optician has no facilities for public access to WC facilities.

Disability Access Arrangements:

There is an alerter bell on the shop window of the Lemon Street entrance for patients who require additional assistance with mobility.
Wheelchair access is via Lemon Mews Road, at the back of the premises through the private car park where a fixed ramp is in place. Once at the back entrance of the shop, another alerter bell is located on the door to seek assitance into the building.

A mobile ramp will be put in place to bridge a single step into the premises.

We request that anyone booking or visiting us inform us of any special needs or disabilities that they may have in order for us to meet any special requirements and advise as best as possible. We are a new new start up up company and are keen to provide a high level of service to all our patients. We are unfortunately restricted by the premises we occupy in making them fully accessible and have made every effort to in the works we have done to premises keep accessibility a priority.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.


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